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River of Love, Dedicated to 4000 Lynching Victims, Lynching Memorial

Justice harlan is a pivotal figure in lynching history.   
1)      for the first time inviting black lawyers to
 plead a case before the US Supreme court; 
2)      Reaching in from the US Supreme Court to
 issue a stay of execution in a state court and call 
for a retrial of a black man Ed Johnson ;  
3)      Bringing the federal government's power 
down on local officials complicit in lynching, 
causing them to be prosecuted and jailed.  
Because of Harlan's actions Lynching dramatically 
For healing and reconciliation sake, and to have hope 
for the future,  that black and white can acting together
 for justice. 
we acknowledge for history  in lynching memorial space
we need to honor Justice Harlan that there was one 
white man who stood up and acted for  Justice. 
     If we create a realistic portrait of  Justice Harlan 
hearing  the appeal of  black lawyers  Pardon and Hutchins, 
 defending Johnson from injustice..
Reconciliation or Unity comes from each race having a hero 
in  history who did the right thing, becoming a model to emulate
for justice, a inspiration for a better future
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