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17 Stars 17 Rays of Light by Humanity Memorial with EDSA and MOSS Construction from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.

Humanity Memorial Team
Notable projects:

2023 National design competition, Parkland 17 Memorial honoring 17 shooting victims in FL, shortlisted.
2023 National competition, Winner, WV State Capital  Woman Suffrage Memorial "March for Liberty".
2022 National competition, winner, New York State Park, American beloved icon the Majestic Buffalo for New York State Harbor park. Special Project directed by NY Governor. 
2023 Gate of freedom, national monument to foot soldiers in Birmingham, Alabama

Feedback from Memorial project in DC:

"I believe Ms. Hopen would be an excellent fit and produce a highly compelling and emotionally evocative artwork for you. Ms. Hopen infuses scene with energy, hope and love. It is spiritual in the best way, joyous might be the right word, but not denominational. Moreover, Ms. Hopen was upbeat and delightful to work with. She was flexible and highly amenable to feedback. She was a perfectionist in the best sort of way. The statue was installed efficiently and has aged flawlessly without any maintenance. In summary, I believe Ms. Hopen is highly talented and motivated, has exceptional technical skills and experience as a sculptor and has unique gifts that give her work an auteur, magic, spirituality and compelling presence that is extremely rare, if not unique.

Sincerely and with best regards,
David and Lisa Daniel Author(David G Daniel), “A Life Twice Given”

2022 National competition Winner, Unselfish Service Memorial,  Texas. "honor Everyday Heroes and Rotary lnternational' s motto of Service Above Self."  " Letter of recommendation: "Our selection committee chose to use Ai Qui Hopen with Humanity Memorial for our art project.   She is passionate about promoting peace and goodwill in the world, and we trust that her values are very much in line with those of your foundation. You will be honored to have her as your selected artist.".

Trusted: "Thank you for the Timeless masterpiece!" ------Capital Percentage Public Art Commission Committee.

Humanity Memorial Team

Strive to serve  from Love and compassion:
Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial, Feedback:

“Wings of Love”,  the only artwork favorited by the Permanent Memorial selection committee among 189 entries. Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Project: 

"Dear Ai Qiu,

I'm writing to thank you so very much for the beautiful sculpture.......,  Your creativity, time and determination is clearly demonstrated through the beautiful  sculpture you created.......I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you - not only on behalf of the commission, but as the mother to Jack who was one of the 20 children whose live was taken so tragically.  Your compassion and kindness will not be forgotten.”      

Tricia L. Pinto (Mother of Jack Pinto, one of 20 children and 6 teacher victims in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States)

  You are Love You are Light, Memorial To David Gordon, Washington DC

“Ms Hopen infuse scenes with love and hope. The statue has aged flawlessly without any maintenance…….I believe Ms. Hopen is highly talented and motivated, has exceptional technical skills and experience as a sculptor and has unique gifts that give her work an auteur, magic, spirituality and compelling presence that is extremely rare, if not unique.”

 David and Lisa Daniel (David’ parents, David Gordon Memorial Project), 01/28/2020

Notable awards and Recognition:

National competition 2021, winner, Monument to Peace and Unity, 24 feet mark  main entry to Coeur d’Alene ID, honors the city long commitment to human right and human dignity.

2022 National competition, winner,  Majestic Buffalo Spirit of Inclusion, commissioned by New York State Parks and Recreations and State  of New York .
2022 National Design Competition, winner,  “Sunrise of Inclusion” and “Sunrise of Unity”, Miami, Fl 2022

International Design Competition, Winner, “Pioneer , Global Connection”, Jacksonville, Florida
2022 National Deign Competition, Winner, Embrace/ Belonging, 24 Ft, Racial Equality Vermont Commission, Dewey Park
2022 International Design competition, Winner, Bas relief Circle of Hope, Japanese Cultural Museum, California

2022 National Design Competition Winner, Ohio Park, Celebrating Diversity, 16 feet landmark
2022 National Design Competition, Finalist, Budget 1 Million, Martin Luther King Monument, Cincinnati Ohio
2022 National Competition Winner, cultural landmark museum, Unity, Santa Maria, CA. 16 Feet Landmark
2022 National Competition, Finalist, Rock of Truth Landmark, Cincinnati University 20 feet landmark
2021 International Competition 2021 Winner,  Gateway landmark ECO Park, Our team with renown WallacePancher Group is the only team from North America won the international competition to build one of the 7 parks.
2021 National competition, finalist, Orlando Florida, Disney World of World, Special Olympic Cauldron Design
2021 National competition, finalist, Interactive signature art for children, Washington DC Capital Hill Montessori school
2021 National Competition Winner, landmark,24 feet,main entrance, tourist city of Coeur d’ Alene, ID
2020 National Competition Finalist, honoring the contributions of Matthew Gaines for Texas A&M University
2020 National competition Finalist, Law Enforcement Memorial for Law Enforcement Garden, Kansas City.
2020 National competition Finalist, Diversity Gateway Landmark, For downtown Sarasota Florida 
2019 National competition winner, Ida B. Wells civil right Icon Ida B. Well, Capital Coolidge High school
2019 National competition winner, landmark, Unity Arch, McKinney TX No.1 best place to live by Money Magazine.
2019 National competition, finalist, Florida State Capital, Dozier Boys Memorial honoring 100 abused children
2018, National competition, finalist, honors the enslaved people, St. Mary’s College of Maryland 
2013 National Design competition, Winner, Gate of Freedom ,a major civil right movement monument for foot soldiers for Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, AL. The 1963 Birmingham civil right movement lead by MLK. Budget 1 Million. 
Education: 1995-1999 Education: ECNU Shanghai China, graduated from Modern Art Design and Art Education
Department, reputed as the East of Columbia university.

US Award Winning documentary Film, 2007 US Award Winning documentary film “Beautiful You, Poet Sculptor Ai Qiu Hopen” by Director Ray Schmidt, Real Earth Production. The world premiere took place on Friday, October 6th, in Sutton at The WV Filmmakers Film Festival 2006.

2010-2011 “Wedding at Cana” Eight life size bronze figures, Wichita Spiritual life Center, Wichita, Kansas. (partner with Hopen Studio Inc.)

2003 “John William "Blind" Boone” Seated bronze figure 1.25x lifesize    Blind Boone Memorial  Park, Warrensburg, Mo 


2002   Three Harts    Three life scale bronze bucks atop   a large bronze boulder, to complete      100 year old architect’s    vision of artwork for peristyle arch of    Bavarian castle entrance    Bolt Castle, St. Lawrence River Thousand Isles Bridge authority   Hart Island, St. Lawrence River,  U.S./ Canada    

2005 selected from an international field by shanghai government among 326 entries and commissioned      “Songs of  Harmony”,  with musical fountain for down town     Shanghai Harmony Park                 

2005 Charlie Chaplin for China national sculpture park (Shanghai Oriental park    

 2000 “Magic Bird” , 12 feet tall Stainless-steel , fountain, light/water          Down town Shanghai Real  
1999 “History of Ancient Cultures” Ceramic, relief sculpture mural, 6ft x 32 ft.  Pudong Market Mall, Shanghai China 

 1996-1999 ECNU Shanghai University, East China Normal University (Reputed to be the “Columbia of the East”), attended under art merit scholarship, Academy of Modern Art Design and education, Four year Graduate major in modern art design  


Clients Feedback for the team:    Note:  kids love her artwork                   


“Millions visitors to our facility have enjoyed their work, it has become a signature piece in the heart island”     Robert G. Horr ,Executive Director, Thousand Islands Bridge Authority 


“This is so beautiful, we are struck by the resemblance and emotions conveyed. Thank you so much” ----Lisa     


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative               

  President ,   Sandy, Irle, Director of Blind Boone Park,  Warrensburg, Missouri.  


Ai Qiu is a true Artist


 “Ai Qiu is a true Artist. I gave her information on the subject I wished to honor with a sculpture and she immersed herself, lived and breathed this history until she came up with the most amazing drawings, poetry, maquette and finally full sized sculpture. She worked with us from a distance (we were in the Midwest and she on the coast), but sent me information constantly, wrote beautiful poetry about the experience,   brought the maquette and drawings to me personally, made video and  photos of the process and simply created the most exciting sculpture for which we could have hoped. I wish she will create artworks for every city in the world. Pictures on the park website:              

  Ai Qiu have created and installed more than 50 life size bronze sculptures both independently and collaboratively through Hopen Studio Inc. and Humanity Memorial Inc. 




American Award Winning Document film about Poet-Sculptor Ai Qiu Hopen:

Beautiful You



 Book, Beijing Olympic artworks collections 


Studio Location: 269 Morrison, Sutton WV 26601

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