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 Memorial  for David  -
Memorial for David


"This is so beautiful.  We were struck by the resemblance and emotions conveyed. ..."---Client' feedback


Concept: 4 lifesize portrait of David and siblings

One morning before I complete awake , an image came to me, that a  dove was nestled in David's left hand, a symbol of innocence and  peace,  (also a symbol of himself) ....Bevy' left hand also reaches to touch the dove a symbol of acceptance in life and being supportive for wherever whenever her brother' presence occur to her mind heart and thoughts,    in this image, they are sharing more than we can speak, and his right hand point up forward and lead them in  adventure, while the twins look up to their big brother with admiration---a caring loving brother they know and always in their conscience that he lead them beyond...   Ai  qiu

"We love the imagery and thoughts you have put into the sculpture."---client' feedback


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