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Light of Truth at National Capital Honoring Ida B. Wells Middle School Civil Right Leader Ida B. Wells from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.


In the News: Ida B. Well Installed in our national' Capital in front of Ida B. Well Middle School on August 23 to August 26, Please Click for images/Video 

Video: Sustainable copper as Statue of Liberty, Best for our environment:

Sustainable Copper as Statue of Liberty, Best Choice for Our Environment from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.

Humanity Memorial Inc.Team Promotes Humanity, Peace and Unity through Art

 World renowned Thornton Tomasetti: Our collaboration with the excellent structural engineers Scott Lomax and Dennis Poon from the most trusted structure designing and engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti.   "our record of success means we’re well-equipped to see your structure through from initial design to grand opening.---Thornton Tomasetti". Awards,National Award Winner -$15 Million to $75 Million.                                                                                                                                                   
Video Dynamic Kinetic Designing Engineering, Expert,ThorntonTomasetti:

 Video National Awarding Winning Design Civil Right Monument Gate of Freedom Honor Foot Soldiers in 1963: 

US National Award winning sculptor Ai Qiu Hopen from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.


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