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Soul Reflection -
Soul Reflection
Artists Statement in Ai Qiu's Words, discribing he

Artists Statement in Ai Qiu's Words, discribing her works: 'Soul Reflection' This is image of healing within humanity..."Soul Reflection" ...if the soul of goodness within our consciousness lives, the world will live in peace. My sculpture symbolicaly express the good part of ourselves...our mirror image self holding us up from the hate and anger and intolerance in which we might drown and be lost. There is a calm positive part of human nature, that voice we all have within us that soothes anger and worry and helps us heal from anguish and pain. It is the better part of our consciousness, reasoning and refining itself. We all have this voice, this positive mirror consciousness, that, like a friend, speaks within our heart to heal us, to allow us to grow, allow us to forgive, and to be able love again. This voice is vision of better self, better world, free from endless circle of hatred, revenge, war. We must heal our woundedness and intolerance or be doomed continue self slaughter of humankind and our biosphere I express this universal potential in humanbeings that is capible to awake our consciousness and to love, peace and harmony in our selves and our world Some call would call this "God consciousness", or an "angel" touching us, some understand it as just the better part of our self that with vision and intiution to know the right thing to do. I see this image as a spiritual bridge where both belief systems can exist in mutual respect and travel to a better place together.
Soul Reflection
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