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Shanghai Real Estate Plaza -
Shanghai Real Estate Plaza

Ai Qiu Chen's sculptures are like songs in space, consummately crafted in stainless steel. Graceful and light, yet powerful and moving, they are engineered to withstand the winds of a typhoon and endure with lasting beauty in the harshest environments. Ai Qiu’s fountain and plaza works have been widely commissioned in China, but are now being created and placed in the US and Europe through her new American Company. Ai Qiu is partnered with a well established American company with many years of experience and scores of large sculpture installations. Shown on the page is “Bat in Sunshine” installed in downtown Shanghai in front of Sha tian real estate. The one meter tall scale model made for the ten meter tall work in progress was designed for a science and performing arts center in the US symphony hall. The artist invites you to call or write her directly, or to contact her through your designer or architect to begin the design process for a work in your space. Six months is the average time from beginning to installation. "Bat in Sunshine" - Photograph by Xuyongming
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