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Media/News/Inquiry: 304 644 1838   Memorial Designer Ai Qiu Hopen, Humanity Memorial Team with EDSA, Thornton Tomasetti and MOSS CONSTRUCTION(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

17 Stars 17 Rays of Light by Humanity Memorial with EDSA and MOSS Construction from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.

Heroic Height
Provide openness for 17 souls to soar
to heavens.

17 Rays f Light

You are not uniform,
dimmed by tragedy,
but unique stars,
shinning brightly,
celebrating the way you lived
you are the source of light
even in the dark
you are the stars of persevering love
forever spark

Ai Qiu Hopen 6.2.24
Tranquil Fountain represents the peaceful spirit of the 17 victims
17 unique stars represent their uniqueness irreplaceable.
17 unique private gardens provide privacy to the 17 families .
We will create with the families with patterns of their choices.
(Please see full Virtual Design video

I believe 17 rays of light is the most uplifting, vibrant and emotional symbol that everyone can relate to, the right will guide us. " ---Billy Almont, WPL(5/31 Memorial)

Billy Almond: The most effective Fundraising Tool for memorial is animation video: Proposal video tributing to the 17 beautiful souls, fundraising tools:

"When I see 17 Rays of Light, I see HOPE"
Scott LaMont, CEO, EDSA (lives 15 min from MSD High School )

"As a former student at MSD High School during the time of the incident, the 17 rays of light and
surrounding landscape create a sense of privacy and protection for me and my fellow classmates.
The Light is a unique symbol uplifting our hearts and our community after such a shattering event.
It has the originality to honor 17 beautiful souls and remind us of the light they were to this world."
Helen Abbott, Graduate of MSD and University of Florida, resident of Parkland
as a structural designer and engineer, with Thornton Tomasetti for Parkland 17 memorial

"17 Rays of Light is so very genuinely and uniquely captures the legacy of each person, The
17 Rays of Light – guiding us to peace, guiding us to our loved ones, and ultimately guiding us home."
Deborah Mullins, Rotary Club President of Kingston, TN (selected Humanity for their signature art)

PLEASE SUPPORT Let Us Keep Their Light shining!

Proposal By Humanity Memorial with EDSA and MOSS Construction

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